A Little Taste of Nationalities

Step 1: Ordered my kit

Step 2: Received it in the mail

Step 3: Swabbed my daughter’s mouth

Step 4: Sent the kit back in

Step 5: Waited for the results

Steps 6: Received the results

…..Wow….this just proves how technology has advanced.

My daughter’s DNA surprised me of what she’s mixed with. I know this is becoming more of something people are doing. When I first heard of this DNA test, I thought it was a scam. I come to find out that first, it’s not a scam. Second, I’m  really impressed on how accurate these DNA tests are. Third, it allows you to find other relatives you never knew that you can connect with.

Everyone is mixed with something or another which makes this world so unique and completely different. I love the fact people are getting these done more often and finding something new about themselves they didn’t know. I’m going to do my DNA results next because obviously after finding my daughter’s results, I want to know what parts are from me. I recommend you all trying it out. It’s worth every dime!


Have you all gotten your DNA/ Ancestry done?




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