Free National Park Day

I didn’t expect Yosemite to get as crowded as it was on this Veteran’s Day.

People of all races and backgrounds were at the national park especially tons of families. Many people were hiking and getting all sorts of tours. I’ve been to this park several times and in different seasons but, coming on Veteran’s day and it being free park day it was crowded than normal.

The lodge was beautifully decorated in holiday decor and things for kids to see. All that it was missing was the snow. People were standing in a line to get beer, hot cocoa, wine, and different holiday drinks while waiting at least 45 mins for a table. I was so surprised when I saw people actually sitting outside when it was in the high 30s with slight wind.

This is one of my favorite times to go to this scenic place because of all the colors of the leaves that are falling. The waterfalls were huge and tons of people stopped on the side of the road to take pictures. Trees that are different colors that are surrounded by a bunch of redwood trees. The smells of it all gets me every time. I enjoyed this experience.

Have you all gone to a free national parks day? What was your experience?


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