Day 2

The second day of my enlightenment journey!

I find myself driving to Calaveras County. The county of the gold rush and gold mining. I have been here before but, I wanted to go searching of food. I found myself stopping by a little restaurant that sits on a lake called Drifters Marina Grill. The lake is on Lake Tulloch.  I met a woman named Jennifer who owns this restaurant on the lake with her husband. The husband is a great chef and makes everything to order. It’s so nice just to be able to come to this restaurant and bring your book, laptop, or  talk with friends.

Jennifer told me all the locals rent boats and dock them in the back of their restaurant and grab some food and drinks to take back to their boats. They have great food and drinks all year around. It’s a quiet time at the restaurant due to the time of season for them. Their most popular time of season is summer due to the lake, but since there is Bear Valley and other ski resorts near by, there is some snow winter season too.

I’m getting closer to this enlightenment journey by getting out of my day to day environment. Talking to different types of people of different walks of life. It’s been such an interesting journey to say the least. Eating great food, drinking with new people, getting in depth with my spirituality.

Any ideas for my last day?






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