My Version of “Eat, Pray, Love” to Finding Enlightenment (Day 1)

For my writer’s block solution, I’m taking some time to find enlightenment.

Forget this sitting in my house nonsense! For the next three days, I’m going to try to find enlightenment for myself. I’m going to bring my spiritual books and some crystals.

Day 1

I’m going to start where it all began. San Francisco. My grandfather’s house was built in 1848 and it’s still standing with the original walls. I wanted to start my journey there because, that’s where all my family go for family dinners and get togethers. Also, since it sits next to “Dubouce Dog Patch”, I love watching people take their dogs over to play or people like me write and go to the local cafes.

I took my daughter to a local french cafe since she’s taking french lessons. I figure she could benefit from this journey. Poor thing got a scratch on her head from a trip on uneven pavement. She was excited to see where I went most of the time when I was a child. I figure this throwback is a great start to me finding enlightenment.

As I’m walking around and showing my daughter this beautiful city, I end up talking to sisters that own a super small boutique store. I tell them about my journey and they shared their story with me and how they are from a small town in the midwest and they came to San Francisco to start a business. I sit down to have a cup of coffee to chat with them more. The sisters ask me RANDOMLY if I liked caviar and I said yes I love it and I’m kind of a conesour of it. One of the sisters goes to the back of  the store and grabs a flight of caviar for me to try. I was in awe and that’s when I knew that their store sold international caviar. I felt real bougie after she pulled it out and had the seashell spoon to eat from. IT WAS AMAZING!

Later, I went home to try out a little from each dish so I know which to come back for and buy more of. I had Berkeley try the caviar too and she loves it now. I think that was the most random thing I could’ve come across. I wonder what “Day 2” has in store for me. I’ll let you guys know!

Have you ever gone on an enlightenment journey?



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