Fleet Week

Every October, San Francisco has this traditional activity called Fleet Week. It’s a bunch of aircrafts that do airshows over the bay and fly through the city. The planes are called the Blue Angels. My family and I go every year. It’s so much fun and it gets crazy packed in the city.

There’s a bunch of things going on there as well such as kite flying, food and drink vendors, free flight swag, pictures with the US military crews, and much more. People come in from all over the world to see this magical show. Since there’s a bunch of people that go, you’ll end up sparking up a bunch of conversations (if you’re the social type). My daughter loves airplanes, so she has a ball watching the planes flip and do crazy turns. I recommend everyone to see this show at least once in there lives. It’s just on a Saturday and Sunday. I had a fun time with the family.

What do you love most about airplanes/aircrafts?


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