Summer to Fall Toddler Dress

My daughter has a type “A” personality already. She knows what she likes to wear and has an opinion about everything. She’s in this “not wearing clothes” stage. The only compromise is a dress or tutus.

I went to go shopping for her, and I thought it was going to be difficult finding something with this little phase she has. I went to the Carters/Oshkosh store, and they were a blended store which made it easy for me since it was huge and had plenty of options. She of course went to all the dresses and tutus she could find in the store.

We found this buffalo plaid dress that is made out of cotton. I loved it because, although it’s just coming out of summer and into the fall, the dress material is thick and warm enough to transition from day to night with a light sweater. It’s also versatile to dress it up or down. She absolutely loves this dress and spins around in it since she bought it. To buy this look click here and get this look.

What do your children love to wear?



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