A Little Upgrade

Tattoos are one of my favorite types of artwork.

From someone’s idea in there head to the execution part is quite amazing. I feel like tattoos are for any age group, mothers, grandmothers, fathers, grandfathers, or anyone who likes them. I would recommend knowing what you want a head of time before you dive into getting one since they’re permanent.

For this particular piece of artwork I wanted to show was the before and after photos of the process. This was my very first tattoo at age 18 and my mother went with me. Since it was my first, I didn’t know my pain tolerance so the tattoo didn’t come out as great and my lines were shaky because I was moving a lot. I wanted to upgrade my tattoo since I had gotten many more since then and I built up a tolerance. I wanted a 3D tattoo in particular so I researched for a month to find the right guy to draw it out for me and I loved the results. I hope you guys enjoy his artwork as well.

Do you all like tattoos and if so whats your favorite style?


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