A Little Work Out

I wanted to write to you all today about how to hike or go on walking trails with a toddler. It’s actually one of my other favorite things to do with Berkeley other than giving her a bath. Plus, it wears her out!!!!

Before I go on a hike, I pack a snack bag with fruits, veggies, and couple bottles of water. I carry with me a toddler carrier for if and when Berkeley gets tired of all the walking and wants to take a nap. Make sure you use the bathroom and change child (if they’re not potty trained yet) before you head out. Also, grab a map if there is one available to you so you can read to your child all the fun facts.

I start on easy trails which are usually one half mile of flat ground. You can do less if you’re baby isn’t use to that long of a walk but they’re always kid friendly. Next, I do the 1.5 mile walk, which I start Berkeley walking and getting excited about what there is to see. Right in the middle of the whole trail is when I stop for the snack break and get some water.

After that nice break, is when Berkeley falls asleep for her nap of the day and I finish the walk. I ALWAYS carry Berkeley on my back with the toddler carrier. It makes my hiking more challenging for strengthening on my legs for a great cardio but also she will be close to me.

How do you plan a fitness trip with your little ones?


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