Finally a Taste of Abundance

Hey followers! Have you ever had a fantasy that actually came true? Little dreams you thought it could never be achievable? It’s weird how our brain works. I’m a super/mega believer in manisfesting. In this point in my life, I’m finally experiencing abundance in all aspects. Balancing motherhood with recommended help, spiritual guidance, dating, loyal friends, and much deeper things that all make sense. Maybe this feeling and experience is happening right at this moment but, I’ll always treasure and cherish these moments. Cherish these seconds. Finally, I’m me again… Advertisements

Change is Pretty Great

Hey everyone! If you’ve been following me for over the years, you can see I changed my blog!!! I wanted a fresh beginning. I love change. It’s so good to grow and try new things. Why not with my blog? After all this time writing on here, I’m still learning new things everyday about blogging. …